48 Go Green

48 Go Green is inspired by 48 Hour Film Project

In 2009, an ecological institution began in Athens Greece with a vision to expand to the entire world and because you demanded it…

This year, the 48 GO GREEN goes global.

48 GO GREEN is inspired by 48 Hour Film Project and brought to you by from the co-creators Francesco Vitali & Christos Siametis, in association with the founders of the 48 Hour Film Project, Mark Ruppert and Liz Langston.

Executive Producer Francesco Vitali and Producer Christos Siametis started the 48 Go Green in Athens in 2009. After its big success as a Pilot Project in Greece, the world cinematographic festival of short films, 48 Hour Film Project, acquired ecological dimensions and “green” philosophy and opens its creativity to the world.

As of this year, 48 GO GREEN becomes the most creative short Film competition on the internet.

For the winner of the Grand Prize, your film will screen at the Cannes International Film Festival, accompanied by a $5.000 cash prize.

48 GO GREEN is an avant-garde Festival that gives you the opportunity to express yourself and speak up against the ecological destruction taking place on our planet.

The 16 TOP FILMS of 48 GO GREEN will be screened at the NAB Show in Las Vegas from April 9-14, 2011.

Because we all dig ecology… in theory… The difference is that you know how to show the destruction of the planet on camera. 48 GO GREEN is a fact and it is challenging you to shout out against all that provokes you. Leave your mark against everything you condemn and everything that should not be happening. Save the planet, with one strong message. A 48 GO GREEN short film.

48 GO GREEN gives you the possibility to experience a unique event but this time with a special theme. Artistic adrenaline is high, since it is an incredible challenge to create a completed short film in just 48 hours. The festival is carried out in an atmosphere of intense creativity while its ecological character constitutes in itself a source of inspiration.

The competition focuses on team work and the creative coming-together of filmmakers, on preparation, flexibility, and most importantly the creativity to get your story on the screen.

48 GO GREEN will be held from 18 – 20 February, 2011.

48 Go Green will happen simultaneously online in cities and towns around the world, and as an “in person event” in 8 select cities.

The On Line Kick-Off Event will take place 7 pm local time on Friday, the18th of February.

The “greening” begins with the On Line Kick-off Event. As Team Leader, and in order to receive your assignment, you will need to be in front of your computer on the official starting date and a little before the official starting time of the competition.

At 7 pm–your registered city local time–all teams in your time zone will be sent an email with their assignment. Each team will receive a randomly generated Eco Theme as well as required elements for its film. For the next 48 hours… the planet will be transformed into a world-wide movie set!!!

All production of the film must be completed within this 48-hour period. The production/creation of the film includes the following:

Writing the script, Directing, Costumes/Settings, Shooting, Editing, Sound-recording, Processing, Production. The only work that can begin before the official Duration of the 48 GO GREEN Festival is: The Pre Production phase.

Organizing yourTeam, casting your Actors, procuring Equipment and securing use of Locations.

All shooting must be done within the official 48 hours of theFestival’s competition.

To be certified as an official entry of the 48 GO GREEN Festival each participating team must comply with all existing rules and regulations and you can find them here. The organizers of the Festival maintain the right to project certified official participations of the 48 GO GREEN Festival exclusively.

All “Official Entries of the 48 GO GREEN Festival” can compete for the title of “GLOBAL BEST FILM 48 GO GREEN 2011”.

You may compete in the 48 GO GREEN 2011 whether you are aprofessionalor an amateur filmmakeron the condition that you have followed all of the rules and have completed your film and uploaded your film to the official website of the festival—and when we say completed we mean: script, direction, editing, shooting, sound-recording… in a few words, everything!

The competition is, of course, a strong motivation for those who wish to promote their work, talent and worth locally but also internationally. Do not forget that the Grand Prize for the leading film is a $5,000.00 cash prize as well as its projection in Cannes in the famous Short Film Corner of the Mecca of European Cinema.


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