Animated Christmas 2

On Saturday December 7th at 2:30pm, it’s Animated Christmas 2.  Another collection of rare 16mm and VHS cartoons from Christmases long past.  Generally Suitable for all ages though some themes may not be for appropriate for very young children. Advance tickets are here. This time around we’ll be featuring:

“Snowy Day” based on the beloved children’s story by Ezra Jack Keats with animation in the style of the book’s illustrations.

“A Wish For Wings That Work” written by Berkeley Breathed and starring characters from his classic long running comic strips “Bloom County” and “Outland”:  Opus the Penguin, Bill the Cat, Ronald Anne…  It’s the story of a flightless bird who only wants one wish granted from Santa Clause: Wings that will enable him to fly.

“Nestor:  The Long-Eared Donkey” from Rankin & Bass Stop Motion, the same folks who brought you “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, “The Little Drummer Boy” and “Year Without a Santa Clause”; a heartwarming tale about another misfit creature: the long, floppy eared donkey that carried the first Christmas family across the desert to Bethlehem.

Also this year we are very pleased to show you a rare 16mm print of Will Vinton Studios “A Christmas Gift.”  Will Vinton as you may know is Portland’s own legendary animator, the Godfather of Claymation responsible for among many things:  The California Raisins, Eddie Murphy’s “The PJs” and numerous award winning classic shorts such as “Closed Mondays” and “Mountain Music”.

Plus a few more surprises stuffed in the celluloid stocking!  So this Saturday, December 7th at 3 PM, bring the kids out to experience one of the most charming of 20th Century December Traditions:  Animated Christmas Specials!

This show is appropriate for all ages though some parental discretion may be advised as themes such as religion, mortality, inequality and poverty are lightly touched upon in some of the story lines.



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