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Written and directed by acclaimed Portland filmmaker Steven Doughton. 

When T.C., a suburban mother of two, receives a call from Danny, her wayward brother, after a two-year communication lapse, she is tidying up her middle-class home in Portland, Oregon. T.C.’s and Danny’s phone conversation comprises the film’s single scene. As the camera tracks T.C. through her household rounds, she and Danny embark on a wide-ranging emotional journey; dialogue carries the story. Bittersweet childhood recollections merge into searching spiritual conjectures; bizarre anecdotes lead to offbeat cultural critiques and awkward personal confessions.

Against a backdrop of long-simmering tensions and enduring sympathies, TC’s and Danny’s conversational saga reveals the deeper stories of their selves and of their relations with each other, while exploring universal questions: What does it mean to be a good person and to live your life well? How do you keep your disappointment in—and envy for—another person’s life choices from standing in the way of your love for her or him?

Prasise for Buoy:

“Buoy is a powerful, deeply engrossing meditation on family, middle class alienation and love. What begins as a minimalist nod to My Dinner With Andre and Jeanne Dielmann results in a dramatic, emotionally gripping excavation of contemporary life, exquisitely controlled and grounded in its pitch-perfect performances, writing and direction.” – Todd Haynes writer/director Safe, Velvet Goldmine, Far From Heaven, I’m Not There, Mildred Pierce

About Director Steven Doughton:

Steven Doughton is a writer and director from Portland, Oregon. He studied drawing and painting in college and in 1983, moved to New York’s East Village where he soon began making short films. Doughton has directed music videos for Aphex-Twin, The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black and Marianne Nowottny. He was a cinematographer for Lara Lee’s documentary “Modulations” and has shot music videos for Iggy Pop, Blonde Redhead, Pavement, and Alan Vega. In 2011 he directed the music video for “No One Is (As I Are Be)” from Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks album “Mirror Traffic.” In 2011 he wrote and directed his first feature “Buoy.”


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