JFK: A President Betrayed

AR-7705-ASaturday-Sunday Nov. 16th-17th at 2:00pm, the new documentary JFK: A President Betrayed. Directed by Emmy Award winner Cory Taylor, and narrated by Oscar winner Morgan Freeman. Advance tickets are here.

JFK: A President Betrayed uncovers new evidence that reveals how President John F. Kennedy boldly reversed deeply entrenched pro-war government policy to embark on secret back-channel peace efforts with Russian President Nikita Khrushchev, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and other “enemies” of the United States.  The documentary raises many questions as to whom JFK’s real enemies were.

JFK: A President Betrayed offers a poignant look at the 35th president’s desperate, solitary struggle to mitigate armed conflict and makes clear the extent to which he risked political capital – and, ultimately, his life – to pull the world back from the brink of war and possible nuclear annihilation.  Featuring new, probing interviews with advisors to Kennedy and Khrushchev, JFK: A President Betrayed is a meticulously well-researched portrait of a president who refused the counsel of powerful, hawkish government officials advocating for, among other things, a U.S. nuclear strike against the Soviet Union. Instead, Kennedy learned to trust his gut – instincts forged by the considerable suffering he experienced during the Second World War, and tested by the early crises of his administration.


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