Our New Marquee!

Marquee Filtered

It is indeed a “marquee day” for Portland’s historic Hollywood Theatre!  Our bright new marquee, recently installed by Security Signs, is based on the design of the Hollywood Theatre’s original 1926 marquee.  It’s a sign that will light up the neighborhood for generations to come.

Watch video of the countdown and lighting on September 5th, 2013!

The new neon, illuminated sign is the latest sequel to many other Theatre improvements. New auditorium seats, digital projection systems, screens and sound systems were recently installed as well as a fresh coat of paint inside and out (done by pro-bono worker extraordinaire Joel Hamberg.) The marquee was funded by grant funders, businesses and over 1,100 people who donated to a Kickstarter campaign.  See the full list of donors below.

“This new marquee will be a great addition to the community and help the Theatre recapture its former glory as a cultural icon in Portland,” says Doug Whyte, Hollywood Theatre Executive Director. “Now all we need are more members to support the Theatre and help us continue to improve this beautiful historic building as well as providing unique events, entertainment and youth education.”

The Theatre is now actively seeking new members to keep momentum rolling. Members can receive discounted admission (and free admission at certain levels), guest passes and invitations to free monthly member events – not to mention the respect and envy of their friends. Word has begun to spread nationally about the unique programming offered at the Hollywood Theatre. With more members, the Hollywood can expand their offerings and reputation.

To become enlightened and sign up for membership, click here.

Thanks to all of our marquee donors!

Foundations and Organizations

Meyer Memorial Trust
Kinsman Foundation
Hollywood Boosters Business Association
The Faerie Godmother Family Fund
Hollywood Neighborhood Association
Columbia River Theatre Organ Society


Popina Swimwear
Neil Kelly’s Home Performance Division
Barran Liebman
Burnside Brewing
Whole Foods Market Hollywood
Pacific Power
American Cinema Equipment, Inc.
The Naga Center
Planet Argon
Maloy’s Jewelry Workshop
Laurelwood Brewery
The Celtic Corner
Becker Capital Management
The Mountain Shop



Barbara A. Ballew
Marty, Mandy and Max Barrack
The Doris Diaries, by Julia Park Tracey
Jim & Sue Kelly
Michael & Alice Powell
Joan and Paul Sher


Abby DenUyl
Al Blodgett
Amy Silliman & Guillaume de Bergh
Anders & Lori Goranson
Andrew schpak
Ann and George Whyte
Anne & Jerry Brown
Ann-Marie Yost & Phillip Berryhill
Ashes the Cat
Brett M. Hulstrom
Christine & Michael Mason
Christopher R. Wilson
Daisy Santana
Dale Boss and Bob Mensel
Dave Riveness
David Wester
Don and Susan Harn
Doug & Cheryl Whyte
Emma Williams
Erik Andersson
George Goodstein
Greg Sanders
Helen B. Happy
James & Jennifer Jardee-Borquist
James Falvey
Janice Reddaway
Jim Gelhar
JoAnn Griggs
Joe & Emily Aley
John & Jackie Holland
John Rogers

John Rourke
Jon & Meredith Challoner
Jonathan Pak
Kari Smith and Doug Hanke
Kathy and Mike Kendig
L. Ainsworth
Larry and Tania Gitch
Larry Williams
Linda Wenning
Marina Mont’Ros
Mark Muse, Jennifer Faulkner and Lucille
Matt Smiley and JacqueLyn Lobelle
Matt Solhjem and Sara Engbloom
Matthew Ryan O’Meara
Morgan Cox
Natasha and Clayton O’Hara
Picture This Production Services
Robert Neyer
Roman “Bad Idea” Kuchinskiy
Sandy Polishuk
sarah bibb
Scott Ray Becker
Stacy and Aaron Harsh
Stephen Perona
Susan Dupere
Tami Parr
The Hale Family
The Oppenheim/Handler Family
The Stegemillers
Tom Cocklin and Jenny Greenleaf
Tom Vandel


A Parr
A. R. Nath
Aaron Levinson
Aaron Tuller
Abraham Ingle
Adam C Sager
Adam Pruett
Adam Watkins
Adam Whiting
Adán and Kathryn Dominguez
Adrienne Fritze, Artist & Curator
Adrienne Tilley
Aimee Traeden
Akiko Noguchi
Alan Locklear and Marie Valleroy
Alan Smithee
Alex Muller
Alfredo Moreno
Alice and Dave Larsen
Alice and Dick Vetter
Alicia Polacok
alison firemark
Alison Hallett
Alissa Pulcrano & Jason Woods
Aliza Kuperstock
Allen Menegay
Amado Lumba Jr
Amanda Plyley
Amber Ambrosius
Amber Bales
Amber Elstad
Amy Conroy
Amy Edwards and Brian Wieser
Amy Frey
Amy Key
Amy Pombo
Anais Tuepker
Andrea & Ruben Iniguez
Andrea Dobson
Andrea Siede
Andrea Winchell
Andrew Chang
Andrew Wiley
Andy and Crystal Bailey
Andy Coco
Andy Englehart
Andy Whipps
Angelita Surmon and Marc Hess
Ann & Brad Cosgrove
Ann Becklund
Ann DeNies
Ann Kendellen & Jonathan Harker
ann wilson
Anna Shelton
Anne Gire
Anne M. & J. Foley
Anne McLaughlin
Anne Parr
Annie and Aaron Kaffen
Anthony Bailey
Ariana Rosales
Austin C Appleby
Austin Southard
Ayn Generes
Azure Akamay
B. Foster
Barb and Mickey
Barbara Allen
Barbara Bava
Barbara Blackstone
Barbara Sabath
Barbara Sanders
Belinda Covell
Ben and Sue Donora
Ben Brown
Ben Holmes
Ben Parzybok
Benjamin Peters
Benton Barnett
Beth Gibbs
Beth Harrington
Beth Kerschen
Bev Hedin
Bev Wilkinson & Ben Nussbaumer
Beverly Hacker
Bija Gutoff
Bill & Susan Stone
Bill A.
Bill and Jan Perry
Bill Betak
Bill Cernansky
Bill Jemison
Bill, Christina & Camille Stewart
Blaine Betts
Blair Stewart
Boaz Frankel
Bob Nisbet
Bob O’Halloran, Sr.
Bobby Noah
Brandon and Elisa Cresswell
Breesa Culver
Brendan Wright
Brenna Holdaway
Brent and Devon
Brian “Chainsaw” Campbell
Brian & Elizabeth Middleton
Brian & Karen Howard
Brian Knapp
Brian Riffel & Hilary Evart
Brian Van’t Hul
Brianna Bertoglio
Brittnay Hobrock
Brook Cole
Brook Hubbs
Bruce & Suzanne Jackson
Bruce and Gwyneth Van Buskirk
Bruce Cantwell
Bruce P. Cutter
Bryn Hubbard
Bud Hartley & Maria Valls
Burt (Burt) McIntosh D.D.S.
Bux and Krissay
C.D. Warner
Cailan Collet
Cam & Jason Taylor
Cameron Harrison
Carey Booth
Carl & Michelle Hall
Carl Alviani
Carlene Reynolds
Carmen Farmer
Carol Carmick
Carol Jo Horn
Caroline Hostetler
Caroline Paquette
Carolyn Buan
Carolyn Gazeley and Brad Van Allen
Carolyn Wiesner
Carrie Novak
Carter Kennedy
Caryn Nelson
Cassidy Patzuk-Russell
Catherine and Robert Gamblin
Celia Lambert
Chad Mortensen
Charis Kennedy
Charles and Deborah Grant
Charles and Maria Tomlinson
Charles Freeborn & Cheryl Smith
Charles Meier
Charles Rynerson
Charley and Kim Kersten
Chelsea Petrakis
Chris & Lise Petrauskas
Chris Calvert
Chris Glaab
Chris Higgins
Chris Imondi
Chris Walas and Gillian Richardson
Chris Wood
Christa Mrgan
Christina Elmore
Christina Fidalgo
Christina R.
Christine Bourdette
Christine Caruso
Christine Henry
Christopher and Michele Knaus
Christopher Marin
Christopher Webster
Christopher Willett
Chuck Gleason
cira pollywog
CJ Webb
Claiborne-Newell Family
Claire Oliphant
Claire Willett
Claudia and Carla
Claudine Paris
CN McQuide
Cole Reed
Colin Williams
Connor Healy
Constance Strawn
Courtney Ferguson
Courtney Hermann & Kerribeth Elliott
Craig and Anne Lindsay
Craig Tumer
curly bob amos
Curtis Pachunka
Dan Clark
Dan Rasay
Dan Wheeler!
Dana Clark-Scott
Danielle Boss
Darcy Sharpe
Dave Benz
David & Kristy
David Bennett
David Blake
David Bodin
David D. Levine & Kate Yule
David E. Wheeler
David Luben
David Naimon & Lucie Bonvalet
David Rue
David S. Fine
David Zuckerman
David, Beth & McKenzie Finn
Davy Stevenson
Dawn Smallman & Greg Snider
DC Rahe
Dean Shelton
Deanna Cintas
Debby Dieckman
Debi Houghton
Demetri Larsen
Dennis Johnson
Devon Barrett
Diane Eklund
Diane Nowicki
Dianne Bocci
Dick Adams & Wendy Rankin
Dion & Val Robertson
Dominic LeFave
Don and Leslie Arbuckle
Don Gagne
Don Jacobson/Sharlane Blaise
Don Reiner
Dona & Sherry
Donald Winn
Donna Schuurman
Doug Hamilton
Doug Overfield
Doug Young
Dr. Anna K. Cox
Dr. Heather Hall Lewis and Chris Lewis
Dr. Marsha Johnson, AuD,
Drew Dawson
Duran & Alvin
Dylan R.
Ed Kushner
Eddy Shuldman
Edward Camarillo
Edward Davis Wood
Edward Kersh
Eileen Kirschner
Eileen Markson
Ela Twigg
Elaine Blatt and Ryan Bliss
Elaine Corwin
Elaine Marcus
Eli Swihart
Elinor Gollay
Eliz and Ryan Roser
elizabeth Altomare
Elizabeth Park
Elizabeth Spavento and Matthew Feitelberg
Elizabeth Vitu
Elle Martini
Ellen MacPherson
Emilie Currin
Emily Becker
Emily McGrath
Eric Christopherson
Eric Evans
Eric Slade
Eric Thornton
Erica Thomas
Erik Henriksen
Erika and Jan
Erin Grabowski
Erin Roberts
erin weisensee
Ethan Seltzer
Eva Piccininni
evelyn kochanowski
Evil Jim
Fawn Gehweiler
Fiona Adams
Forrest McAlpine
Francis & Ingrid Rochon
Fred Kawabata
Fresh Air Sash Cord Repair, Inc.
FuR Gebhardt
G Lief
Gabriel & Phyllis Berg
Gabriel Haffey
Gabriel Vogt
Gael Broad
Gary Ferrington
Geoffrey Pine
George and Liss Rogers
George Mandis
Gerson Robboy
Gillian Richardson
Gillian Turner
Gina Anzaldo & Bryan Stearns
Ginny Holm and Terry Wellen
GLoria Foon
Goggles Paisano
Grant Kaufman
Grant Kindrick
Greg & Leigh Schrock
Greg LeMieux
Greg M.
Greg Weber
Gregory & Melinda Maletic
H. L. Bauer Family
Haim Kenig
Hanna & James
Hanna Baker
Hannah Camfield-Bronstein
Har Rai
Harold Hutchinson
Heather Bulloch
Holly Hinson and Magda Gianola
Holly Spitzer
Holly Wilkalis
Howard M. Lewis Ship
Iain MacKenzie
Ian Burrell
Ian Langenhuysen
Ian Stude
Ian Van Ness
Ilan Schraer
in memory of Hawthorne Hunt
In Memory of Sam Senior
Ingrid Sandberg
J Bills, VFX/PDX
J Zalewski
J. Claire Dean
J. John Afryl
J. Rast
Jack & Susan Lazareck
Jack Bookwalter
Jack Cook
Jackie Tucker
Jackie Weissman
Jackleen de La Harpe
Jacob Carroll and Minh Nguyen
Jake Doran
James and Michelle Clem
James Moore
Jason Hobson
Jason K
Jason Sutter
Jasper & Kristin & Jesse Lieber
Jay & Debbie Hocking
Jay Owen
Jean Sinclair
Jeanelle Wittcke
Jeff & Amy Gwilliam
Jeff Bayer
Jeff Kapustka
Jeff Loftin and Mary Lopez-Loftin
Jefferson Craig
Jelly Helm
Jemiah Jefferson
Jen Bodendorfer
jen kilcoyne
jenna m
Jennie Olson
Jennifer and Michael
Jennifer Chun
Jennifer Winn
Jenny and Taggart Siegel
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Mercer-Deadman & Caddy Kestell
Jerry Atlansky
Jerry Harmon
Jessica Anderson
Jessica Beer
Jessie Dettwiler
Jevan Lautz
Jill & Todd Quackenbush
Jill Neuwelt
Jim & Sandy Wygant
Jim and Sally Blackwood
Jim Casella
Jim O’Connor
Jim Wallis
Joahna Kuiper
Joanna Stein
Joanne Mikol
Joanne Skirving
Joe Fusion
Joe Kadera
Joe Keatinge
Joe McMahan
Joel Bernstein
Joel Leib
John and Anna Kenneke
John Donahue
John Donham
John E. Laine
John Floyd & Rachael Snow
John Rourke
John Scott Tynes
John Whyte
John/Vicki Cameron
Jolie Griffin
Jon and Judy Straalsund
Jonathan & Robyn Liu
Jonathan Davis
Josephine Kuever
Josh Monifi
Josh Piper
Joshua Blount
joshua hammerling
Juanita Heimann
Judy Lucas
Judy Stamp
julianna roberts
Julie Madsen & Luke Strahota
Julie Morris
Justen Harn fan
Justin Brown
Justin Mitzimberg
K. Bott
K. Tehrani
Kalyn and Steve Cohen
Kamla Hurst and Mark Yamagishi
Karen Belsey
Karen Martwick
Karin Dibling
Kate Carter
Kate Mytron
Katherine Harmon
Katie Christensen
Katie Nelson
Katlin Smith and Gary Kokstis
Katrina, Michael and Tisa
Keith and Susan
Keith Daly
Keith Kunis
Keith Main
Kelly Hinkle
Kelly Kendziorski
Ken Almonte
Kendall Stewart
Kendra M Hadlock
Kendrick and Emily martin
Kent and Laurie McVay
Kent and Tiffany Belser
Kevin & Marcia Coffey
Kevin Chambers
Kim Boehm
Kimberly & Matt McCullough
Kip & Anne Larson
Kira Higgs
Kirby Gnerre
Kirk Ohly
Kristen Gehrke
Kristi Mitsuda and Darren Heiber
Kristiana Weseloh
Krystina Johnson
Kyle Frennea
Kyle Morgan
L. Tippens
Lael Tyler
Lance Larson
Lara Lackey
Larry & Verona Jacobson
larry and sandra huppin
Larry Blakely
Laura Duyn
Laura E Longenecker
Laura E. Hall
Laura Kosloff and Mark Trexler
Laura Niemeyer
Laura Schuchardt
Laura Zeigen and Allen Bernstein
Laurence Cotton
Lawrence Johnson
Lee & Lana Younglove
Lee Davis
Lee Ingalls
Lee Moyer
leon laptook and carole most
Lia Kershaw
Liberty & Wilderness: William O. Douglas Film Project
Linda & Dale Newton
Linda Freedman
Linda Kadas
linda l bergman
Lindsay Christensen
Lindsey Ekland
Lisa Cohrs
Lisa Horowitz & Maura Roche
Lisa Weiskopf
liz eisman
liz rodriguez
Liza Jacobson
Logan Wright + Maggie Reilly
Lon and Chris Staub
Loy Franklin
Lucas Charles
Lucy Anne Tillett
Lucy Pond
Lyn Nance-Sasser and Stephen Sasser
Lynae Ireland
lyric apted
Magenta Rex
Maggie Smith
Maggie Williams
Mai Kiigemagi, Pam Martin
Maj Britt Baker
Manzy and Houckers
Marc Ledbetter
Marc Thayer
Marcia “Sassy” Whelan
Marcia Mee
Marcie & Eric Hundis
Marie Ortiz
Marilyn Baker
Marilyn Zornado
Marina Menegol
Mark & Janell Niemann-Ross
Mark Reynolds & Darcel Warren
Marlena Griffin
Martha J. Logan
Mary Flamer
mary flower
Mary Grout
Mary Harrell
Mary Kay and Jim Lodwick
Mary Priester and Mike Papas
Mary T Heffernan
Maryanne Brown
Matt Christenson
Matt Rockweit
Matt Suplee
Matt Taylor
Matthew and Carin Packwood
Matthew Birchard
Matthew Ferrell
Matthew Gailey
Matthew Goshman
Matthew Regan
Matthew Tallman
Maureen and Bill Covell
McCubbin Family
McDermott Family
Mckenzie Finn
Meg Kilmer
Megan and Terry Daline
Megan Waddle
Melanie Rickmann
Melinda Francke
Melinda Musser
Melissa Durham
Melissa White
Michael Beardsley
Michael G. Schwern
Michael Hashizume
Michael Kolibaba
Michael Murray
Michael Palmieri
Michael R. Scott
Michael Santora
Michael Sevigny
Michael T. Kelley
Michael W
Michael Wild
Michele Heile
Michelle Kinsey Bruns
Michelle Warnke
Michelle Week
Mike and Rachel Hitchcock
Mike Banks
Mike Lay
Molly Scaison
Morgan Herring
Ms. Mary Greipp and Dr. Paul Reese
Music Therapy Services of Portland
Nabil Maynard
Nader Absood & Dana Small
Nancy Hugg
Nancy Jerrick
Naomi Marshall
Natalie McGuire
Nate Koenigsknecht
Nathaniel and Andrea Capp
Ned McSheehy
Nedra Rezinas
Neighborhood Friend of the Hollywood Theater
Neven & Christa Mrgan
Nicholas Libby
Nicole Funke
Nicolette Coiner-Winn
Noah Brand
Nóirín Plunkett
O Meiring
Old Man Shepherd
Omar A Rodriguez
P.H. Wells
Paige & Jimmy Short
Pat & Debbe Kettle
Patty Willert
Paul Ueltschi
Pedro Nunez
Peter Bilotta & Shannon Bromenschenkel
Peter Field
Peter VanDerVoorn
Phil Busse
Phil Nameny
Piney Kahn
Plum Tree Mortgage, Inc.
Pouria and Lindsey Bastani
Priscilla & Karen
Quentin Carder
R and K Shannon
R. Armstrong
Rachel Greenough
Radek Hayes
Randall Dearborn
Randall Stark
Raoul Duke
Raphael Z. Kahn
Ray E Johnson
Rebecca Dudeiros
Reed Coleman & Scooter Sutterer
Reggie and Franklin
Rell Ohlson
Renee Perry
Ricardo Signes
Richard Glenn & Bert Boehm
Rick & Lee
Rick Minnich
ricka stork
Rita Seifer-Dunbar
Rob Laing
Rob Williams
Robert Atkinson
Robert whyte
Robin Anderson
Roger Anderson
Roger Braunstein
Ron & Gail Clark
Ron Lee
Rory Magnus
Rowan Dyball
Roxanne Christenson
Roxanne Horowitz
Roy Batty
Ruth and Herman Frankel
Ryan Barrett
Ryan Castro
Ryan D Gillespie
Ryan McKennie
Ryan O.
Ryan Taylor
Sam Cole
Sam Grover
Samantha Christenson
Samantha McGahan
Sandra Hetzel & Jennifer Keltner
Sandy and Jinny Ayers
Sarah and Gordon Brice
Sarah Bagley
Sarah Draper
Sarah Grenwis
Sarah J Hauser
Sarah moody
Sarah Wiebenson
Saville Easley
Scott & Lara Slonaker
Scott Beck
Scott Crabtree
scott lehr
Scott Lupatsky
Scott MacEachern
Scott Mainwaring
Scott White
Sean Fong
Sequential Art Gallery
Seth Johnston
Shade Rupe
Shadow Fann
Shaky Fury
Shane Lillie
Shannon Zambito & Sean Barrow
Sharron Huffman
Shawn Alvey
Shawn Nelson
Sheila O’Halloran
sheils-bailey family
Shelley Smith & Marc Eyraud
Sheryl Sheffield Price
Shoko Saito
Skip Van Meter
Stephanie & Stu Spencer
stephen & julie yates
Stephen Boek
Steve and Julie Heck
Steve Gaynor
Steve Jarvis
Steve Keller
Steve Ley
Steve Mattsson
Steven Bardi
Stewart Reed
Stuart Coates
Stuart Levy and Nancy Hoover
Sue Arbuthnot and Richard Wilhelm
Sue Caulfield & Mary Mack
Surah Hirsch
Sureshot Saddletrousers.
Susan “KuKu” Johnson
Susan Barthel
Susan Baty
susan bein
Susan Dupere
Susi Brothers
Suzanne & Robert (no last name please)
suzi clark
Swedish Topiary
Talia Eagle-Eyed Tiger Keen
Tamara R. Williams
Tami Wallis
Tammy Durham
Tara Johnson-Medinger
Tasha Hewett
Teddy and Tom McCanna
teness herman
Teri, Tobey, Sam and Alex Fitch
Terra Marzano
Terry McGraw
Tessa Goldston
The Bartell Family
The Celsi Family
The Fullbright Company
The Guth Family
The Martins
the thomas wilson
The van Butler Family
The Wachtman Family
Thom Lehman
Thomas Duff
Thomas Filepp
Thomas Lockney
Tim & Prudence Spofford
Tim Anderson
Tim Farley
Tim Gillespie
Timothy Brandis
Timothy Sherburne
TJ Acena
Todd Henion
Tom and Jan Harvey
Tom and Xande
Tom Humphrey
Tom Maxwell
Tony Zito
Tracy Ball
Tracy Klein
Trevor Halligan
Troy Hall
Tru Chatelain
Tsilli Pines & Matt Spiro
Tyler and Melissa Hunt
Tyler Deffenbaugh
Tyler Haulenbeek
Tyler K Hauptman
Uma Sankaram
Ursula Sperry
Uta & J.Columbus Smith
Valerie Hall
Valli Evenstar Stager
Victor Morningstar
Vince Patton
Virginia Darney
Viviana D. Bhatia
W. Small
Wade Keye
Wendy and Sonja Cutts
Wendy Hunter
Wendy Kohn & Heather Mosher
Wendy Mertl
Wes Ferry
Wolff-Cloud Family
Xanthe Gutierrez-Mizula
Yael Bridge
zachary edmonson
Zebulon Geary
Zef Wagner


  1. Posted by Caroline Paquette on March 26th, 2012, 13:18 [Reply]

    Yes! This is a GREAT project! It’d be so cool if the area under the marquee just in front of the front doors behind that domed window could also be opened back up – it’s a beautiful vault up in there! Wonder how it used to be ceiling’ed…

  2. Posted by Al Blodgett on March 26th, 2012, 14:54 [Reply]

    AWESOME!!! Count me in to assist. Let me know your plans for the old letters.


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