Mad Men with Fleur de Lethal

PLEASE NOTE that the 5/13 viewing of Mad Men will take place at Sam’s Billiards located at 1845 NE 41st (right across from the theater).  

Season 5.
Adultery Is Back.
Entitlement is Back.
Debauchery is Back.
Weekly screenings of MAD MEN with FLEUR DE LETHAL….ARE BACK!

The offices of Sterling Cooper Draper and Pryce are once again open for business and the ever changing game of love affairs, loyalty, betrayal and ambition has begun.  Fleur de Letha Cinematheque invites you to spend every Sunday watching the ever unfolding (and unzipping) saga of Don, Roger and *sigh* Joan in Portland’s most dazzling theatre.

Weekly screenings start @ 10 pm sharp but get there at 9:30 to join in the prediction pool (will it be Peggy and Roger? Don and Joan?) and show your Mad Men knowledge in a trivia battle during commercials to win movie passes and more!

***Fill out weekly entry ballots to win all 4 Seasons on DVD ( drawn at the season finale)- every week equals another entry- so the more you attend the greater your chances!

PS- rideable lawnmowers are not permitted inside the Hollywood Theatre


  1. Posted by nancy hawver on March 24th, 2012, 00:23 [Reply]

    Somehow, even though I am a member, I am not receiving regular emails like I used to. It had the calendar. Wondered if something changed or I fell off the email list

    • Posted by doug on March 26th, 2012, 10:02 [Reply]

      We’ll check and make sure you are on the list!


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