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Fall 2017 Lineup

The Hollywood Theatre at Portland International Airport is a 17-seat free microcinema showcasing short films by Oregon filmmakers. The program is updated quarterly. To submit your film for consideration, visit our Film Freeway festival page.

Fall 2017

FINDING SANCTUARY, Uncage the Soul:  Ninety-five year old World War II veteran Frank Moore found healing after the war by fly fishing the North Umpqua River. He and his wife, Jeanne, have spent their lives as stewards to the North Umpqua, instilling a legacy of conservation to preserve and cherish our natural sanctuaries for the health of the rivers and the fish, and for our own human mental health. Watch:

PRINCIPAL SKELETON (four shorts), Graham Annable:  No one at Charlston Elementary knows exactly how Principal Skeleton became the principal, but he's been there for as long as anyone can remember. His mysterious, odd ways keep the staff and children on their toes. Watch:

THE BOY AND THE MOON, Cindy Sullivan:  In this short from Portland artist Cindy Sullivan, a young man's evening reverie turns cosmic.

THE MASTERING OF CRAFT: MEL BROWN, Swanson Studio:  This is the story of Mel Brown’s journey in the pursuit of mastering his craft as a jazz drummer. A short from Volume 5 of Portland-based Swanson Studio's "20/2" series of passion projects, made in collaboration with local creative agency Big-Giant. Watch:

INVISIBLE OREGON, Sam Forencich: Invisible Oregon is an art time-lapse piece 3 years in the making. Created entirely with infrared converted cameras, Invisible Oregon reveals a landscape beyond the range of human perception that challenges how we process the world around us.

MISSION IMPOSSUMBLE, Lindsay Scanlan:  An ochophobic mother opossum faces the challenge of crossing a rural country road. This is a lot harder than you'd think. Watch:

TIMBER JIM, John Rosman/OPB: Jim Serrill reflects on his unique Northwest life forged in the Oregon outdoors and immortalized as the Portland Timbers' first mascot. Watch:

“CAMELOT,” EYELIDS, Chris Slusarenko, John Clark & John Moen:  The un-peeling of a relationship (ala Burton/Taylor) during what was to be the theatrical premiere of the Portland band Eyelids’ latest stage production.  Eyelids features members of The Decemberists, Elliott Smith's band and Guided By Voices, and this music video contains stop-motion animation, inflated egos, true love, backstage drama and even a little space flight. Watch:

THE BABY BOOMER, Matthew Moriarty: Bob is looking forward to spending his inheritance. Sandi is already spending Bob's inheritance. Lunch, anyone?