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Now Playing at the Airport

The Hollywood Theatre at Portland International Airport is a 17-seat free microcinema showcasing short films by Oregon filmmakers. The program is updated quarterly. To submit your film for consideration, visit our Film Freeway festival page.

Current Program: Winter 2020

“The Flash Movie” - Elias Packwood

Five-year-old debut filmmaker Elias Packwood invents an origin story for the Flash.

“Plant It” - Alberta Poon

An entryway into the world of plant magic and earth fantasy. A musical journey through mystical lands of synth waves and vibrations.

“Just Ollie” - Lathen Gorbett

Ollie is a boy who is different than other boys, but is also just like other boys. With modern science and innovation on his side, he's still just Ollie.

“Bridgetown” - Derek Weber

A short documentary about the passenger bridges that span the Willamette River in Portland Oregon. Learn the history or each bridge from when it was constructed to how many passengers use it. Shot entirely with a drone.

"Two Balloons" - Mark Smith

Two adventurous lemurs navigate their dirigibles halfway around the world to a place where happenstance and fate threaten to disrupt their reunion.

“Jai Ho!” - Ann Powers

From humble beginnings in India, to a master's degree in engineering at Cornell University and a cush job with Intel, Prashant Kakad gives it all up to follow his dream... Bollywood style. Watch how DJ Prashant gets the party started around the world with Jai Ho!

“Star Wars: Episode at Alderaan" - Elias Packwood

Five-year-old debut filmmaker Elias Packwood recounts a skirmish in a galaxy far, far away.

“Kenton Women's Village: Village Building” - Zach Putnam

Searching for innovative solutions to Portland's worsening housing crisis, a community comes together to try something new for their most vulnerable neighbors.

"Too Close to the Sun" - Ashleigh Flynn & The Riveters

In the music video for their song about the character Icarus from Greek Mythology, this Portland-based band opted to have some fun visually interpreting a more contemporary "flying story gone wrong" – that of cult hero Lawn Chair Larry. The result aims to celebrate the dreamer mentality and what is unorthodoxly possible, while also loosely suggesting "don't try this at home."

“Eclipse City” - Cameron Jutte

Thousands of eccentric people flock to the small town of Madras, Oregon to witness the Great American Eclipse.

eclipse city landscapee.png

"Rocky Intertidal Zones" - Irene Tejaratchi Hess

From the Neskowin Ghost Forest to the Devil's Punchbowl, a young boy explores the rocky intertidal zones of the Oregon Coast. Traveling with toys and art materials, he offers insights on the tide pool ecosystem, as well as on prehistoric life. Watch excerpt:

"The Urban Birder" - Tarin Jordan

Follow Richard Cavell as he conducts a never before seen experiment involving bird watching, a ghilie suit and a bottle of whiskey!