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Spring 2019

The Hollywood Theatre at Portland International Airport is a 17-seat free microcinema showcasing short films by Oregon filmmakers. The program is updated quarterly. To submit your film for consideration, visit our Film Freeway festival page.

Current Program: Spring 2019

"Break the Game" - Swanson Studio & Golden

A collaboration between Portland-based Swanson Studio and UK/Portland-based design agency Golden. Part of Swanson Studio’s 20/2 series of passion projects, "Break the Game" is the story of a playful and unexpected disruption of our expectations around games we’re already familiar with.. Watch:

"Budding Romance" - POWGirls

A story of love and loss as experienced by a young woman and her beloved geranium. Produced and directed by Elaina Albers, Katherine Bentz, Lucca Jenkins Law, Danielle LeBlanc, and Evangeline Liu at POWGirls Summer Workshop 2015. Budding Romance. When a young woman falls in love with her houseplant, she quickly learns a hard lesson about love and loss. Lucky for her, there are many other plants to choose from. Watch:

"Unabandoned" - Madeleine Smith, Sara Sargent, Polly Lisicak, Sean Fox & Ameer Fofanah

Inspired by a quote citing that Oregon has over 250 ghost towns, a team of five students go on a journey to explore small towns in eastern Oregon. They investigate more of the context of these places in economist and historian interviews. credit film to Madeleine Smith, Sara Sargent, Polly Lisicak, Sean Fox and Ameer Fofanah.

"Skiing" - Cindy Sullivan

It's the first snow of the year and everyone is excited for a day at the slopes—even the snow!


"Meet the Neighbors: Mt. Hood & Mosier" - Uncage the Soul

Throughout the region are lesser-known historic towns filled with wonderful people and details that only a few folks know about. So come on in and meet the neighbors in two of these small communities. They would love to show you around.

The Family Crest, "Never Gonna Stop" - Keith Lancaster

"Never Gonna Stop is a fun exploration into the days of television channel surfing that paved the way for our modern obsession with scrolling through our social media feeds. The song comes from The Family Crest's third and most-recent record titled The War: Act I and is available anywhere you normally go for music.

"Carnatic Wave" - David Van Auken

Carnatic Wave is an aural journey into the Karaikudi Veena tradition, a centuries old practice of Southern Indian classical music being carried on by a group of musicians in Portland, Oregon. This short documentary offers a glimpse into their world of Carnatic music, highlighting the importance and challenge of teaching traditional art forms in our modern society.

"Stones" - Cindy Sullivan

A meteor crashes to earth and is greeted by an old stone. Oblivious to the world around them, a serendipitous encounter with a traveler changes their perspective.


"There Goes the Neighborhood" - Dan Evans

Shot over the course of a year in rapidly changing Northeast Portland, There goes the neighborhood distills the visual experience of gentrification into a 3-minute time-lapse film

Edna Vasquez, "Psicodélica" - POWGirls

Produced and Directed by Dariana Arely, Ann Hanlin, Raine Shank, Sydney Spaeth and Paige Stewart POWGirls Fall Workshop 2016. In this original music video for Edna Vazquez's "Psicodelica." the POWGirls used a combination of live video footage, time lapse video and animation. From her 2015 album Sola Soy.

"The Way We Melt" - Rob Tyler

Frozen confections rapidly thaw in living color. 2012.

"Still We Rise" - Kevin Balmer

In the face of rapid gentrification, the Regional Arts & Culture Council and Prosper Portland collaborate to bring symbolic and place-making artwork by local artists Arvie Smith and Eatcho to Portland's once predominantly African American North and Northeast neighborhoods.

"How Seamus Gets a Fish" - Rob Finch

"Great Expectations" - POW Girls

Ann wanders into her local coffeeshop to read and notices that no one is talking to each other because they are all online. When the wifi goes out, Ann uses it as an opportunity to make a friend.

"The Journal" - Cindy Sullivan

When a mysterious journal arrives at a book repair studio, the bookbinder discovers a secret inside that unleashes a bit of magic.