Portland 48 Hour Film Project 2017

Thu, Jun 22 at 7:00PM

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You are invited to the world premieres of over 40 short films, presented over two nights, when the PORTLAND 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT returns to the Hollywood Theatre. 

On June 16, Portland’s most daring and creative filmmakers took the 48 Hour Challenge. After drawing their genres from the cruel hat of fate, they were assigned the same character, prop, and line of dialogue to include in their films. The results range from the sublime to the ridiculous, often in the same film.

Each screening includes a short Q & A with the filmmakers. YOU, the audience, determine the coveted Audience Favorite Awards for each screening group. With 14 different films of all genres and styles, this is your chance to support your local filmmaker and see some great locally-created shorts on the big screen! 

The mission of the 48 Hour Film Project is to promote filmmakers and filmmaking. Previous Portland 48HFP films have gone onto the Cannes Film Festival.  Visit www.48hourfilm.com/portland_oregon for more info.

  Group A, Wednesday at 7pm

  •   Listed alphabetically, not by screening order
      • Dream Reality Films Aaron Toy
      • JJ Media Productions Jordan Hulett
      • Man vs Film Productions Erich Demerath
      • No Sunrise Wasted Devin Tau
      • One More Take Adin Biederman
      • Plural Possessive Productions Elisabeth Fairchild
      • Sky Tiger Creative Steven Englund
      • Star Swipe Transition Scott Cascella
      • Stormin' Norman David Dodson
      • Storybox Jon Lang
      • Team Travesty Tommy Newbrey
      • Vanity Rules Leo Ramos
      • Whydah Peter Russell
      Group B, Wednesday at 9:30pm
      Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

      • Columbia Apartment Sean Tarjyoto
      • Dark Pines Productions Ian Langenhuysen
      • Evil Petting Zoo Brian Jepperson
      • Fetus in Fetu Productions Kristina King
      • French Toast Mafia Kc Guyer
      • MFYG Productions Tommy Hestmark
      • Raven corp. Patrick Davis
      • RedFawn Isaac-DAvid Trimble
      • StarGalaxy501 Productions Mark Johnson
      • Stormin' De Castle Lyon Richardson
      • The Reflections Joseph Demaree
      •.Team Multipass, Richie Stratton
      Group C, Thursday at 7pm
      Listed alphabetically, not by screening order
      • Breakthrough Films Evan Gutt
      • Cookie Jar Films Sean Roney
      • Depre$$ion Tristan Penrod
      • Drone Rangers Derek Weber
      • Good Dog Melody Ashford
      • Lil Smokies Raynee Roberts
      • Many Sparrows Rich Davis
      • MaRoZel Derek Willis
      • Pending... Casey Nolan
      • Potoo Media Cale Henderson
      • Root2Fruit Productions Amber Merritt
      • Team wolf Erin Lyon
      • The Young and Pretentious Kesiah Manival
      • Titanic Swim Team Tristan David Luciotti
      • Toll Free Productions Steve Scalpone