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Guru the Mad Monk

Tue, Jun 19 at 7:30PM

Tickets no longer available for this showtime.

Repressed Cinema presents this rare 35mm print. Jimmy McDonough, biographer of director Andy Milligan, will be in attendance to introduce the movie.

Death his religion, blood his lust! The king of creativity on a shoestring budget director Andy Milligan strikes again in this ultra low budget horror gem. Milligan not only wrote, directed, edited, and photographed but also made the costumes in this period piece set in the middle ages. Do not miss the parked Moped in the background of a shot! Neil Flanagan gives a memorable performance as Father Guru; see him sustain a conversation with himself due to his "split personality".

Special 35mm pre-show: A ten minute reel of raw production footage from an unknown 1970's exploitation film. Blood is spilled at a sunny swimming pool setting, in this strange spool of film unearthed from the Repressed Archive.