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Sin Nombre

Mon, Oct 22 at 7:30PM

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The ACLU and Hollywood Theatre co-present the timely immigration thriller SIN NOMBRE. The ACLU of Oregon will present a post-screening panel and talkback exploring the Trump administration’s attempts to dismantle important protections for immigrants. Join the talkback session by listening to a podcast discussing the criminalization of immigrants and a podcast discussing the family separation crisis.

SIN NOMBRE (2009): Sayra (Paulina Gaitán), a Honduran teen, hungers for a better life. Her chance for one comes when she is reunited with her long-estranged father, who intends to emigrate to Mexico and then enter the United States. Sayra's life collides with a pair of Mexican gang members (Edgar Flores, Kristyan Ferrer) who have boarded the same American-bound train.

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