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Wed, Mar 20 at 7:30PM

Tickets no longer available for this showtime.


Wyrd War invites YOU to experience EQUINOX (1970)...on the vernal equinox! Long before THE EVIL DEAD and THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, there was nine-time Oscar Award-winning special FX wizard Dennis Muren’s mind-melting mother of all “cabin in the woods” monsterpieces! Four teenagers go to a cabin in the woods for some wholesome recreation and, surprisingly, things do not go well. They meet Asmodeus, find a mysterious castle on a hill, and open an occult tome that summons some very pissed off and ingeniously imagined creatures from another dimension. Cobbled together from Muren’s experimental 1967 Super 8mm student film and starring a very young Frank Bonner (Herb of WKRP in Cincinnati fame), EQUINOX is an incredibly fun tour de force of Ray Harryhausen inspired stop-motion effects and a beautiful reminder of the uncomplicated cinema magic that can be invoked with a little ingenuity and a lot of imagination.

Guest Passes and Member Guest Passes accepted.