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Hulk Vs. Hulk

Wed, Sep 25 at 7:30PM

Tickets no longer available for this showtime.


In this episode titled “The First," David Banner travels to the small town of Vissaria, encountering hostile townspeople wary of strangers, who warn of a mysterious house that decades earlier was the source of a rampaging, green monster.

Believing that this creature was most certainly an earlier case of gamma radiation overdose similar to the one that causes his own uncontrollable metamorphosis, David befriends the house’s old, recalcitrant caretaker Dell Frye, believing this may help him find a cure.

Unfortunately, Frye isn’t interested in David’s cure.  He was the original monster and he wants his power back.  And unlike Banner, he is very capable of killing people, even for seemingly insignificant reasons.  With Frye’s monster on the loose, David must decide whether to cure himself and risk allowing this other, deadlier Hulk to run rampant.

Guest passes accepted.