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Wes Craven's Summer of Fear

Wed, Oct 23 at 7:30PM

Tickets no longer available for this showtime.


Rachel Bryant, a bright, cheerful teenager, has her life turned upside down when a distant, enigmatic cousin moves into her house. Something is wrong with this new adopted family member. It’s not just that animals are afraid of her…or that the reason she’s moving in is because her family perished in a fiery accident…or that she refuses to have her picture taken. There’s also the fact that she is slowly taking over the household and those close to Rachel are winding up dead. And then there are the secret Satanic rituals…

Maybe this girl isn’t Rachel’s cousin at all. And maybe the fiery car crash that killed her family wasn’t an accident. And maybe, just maybe, Rachel and her family are next…

Scary 70s commercials will play during the breaks.

Guest passes accepted.