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Membership FAQs


Membership FAQs:

Is my membership gift tax deductible?
Yes, membership contributions are fully tax deductible. The letter you receive in the mail with your membership card serves as your tax receipt and provides the necessary tax information you will need.

When will I receive my membership materials in the mail?
Your membership receipt, member card, and member guest passes (depending on the level of membership at which you join) will be sent in the mail to the address provided at the time of purchase. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery. If your member materials have not arrived in the mail after this time, email Membership Manager Destynee Norwood at

How do I use my membership benefits online?
Your membership is activated at the time of purchase, so you can start using your member benefits online even before you receive your card in the mail. If you used an existing account in our ticketing system to purchase your membership, that account will now be linked with your membership, and you can use that username and password to sign in to your member benefits.

If you need to create a new account in our ticketing system, you can do so by visiting our log-in page here. Select the “Sign in with your member number” blue button and enter your member number (provided in your confirmation email or printed on the back of your member card) to create a username and password. If you have trouble locating your member number or have other difficulties logging in, email

Please note: many member benefits and special offers are communicated via email. If you do not provide a valid email address to us upon purchasing your membership, you are opting out of these member communications and offers.

How much of a ticket discount do I receive?
For members at the Student/Senior, Friend, and Director member levels, the standard ticket discount is $3 off general evening admission ($1 off general matinee admission). This discount may vary in the case of special screenings and events, in which case the appropriate ticket discount will be indicated in the event description.

At what levels are memberships available for businesses/corporations?
Business/corporate memberships are available at the Benefactor and Visionary levels. Memberships below these levels are intended as non-transferable individual memberships only.

At what levels are installment payments available?
Monthly installment payments are currently available at the Producer, Benefactor, and Visionary levels of membership only. To select the monthly installment payment option when ordering online, select “1” from the dropdown menu beside the level of membership you would like to join and click the “add as a 12-month installment plan” button at the bottom of the screen. (Please note: if you select the “add as a 12-month installment plan” button when purchasing a membership at the Student/Senior, Friend, or Director level, you will be charged the full amount of the membership, as installment payments are not available at these membership levels.)

When will installment payments be charged?
Your first membership installment payment is charged immediately upon signing up. As of June 1, 2018, we have moved to an automatic monthly billing system which will charge you each following month based on your initial purchase date. For example, if your membership start date was June 2, you will be charged on the 2nd of each month going forward.

In short months that don't have your purchase date (as would be the case if your purchase date was on the 29th, 30th, or 31st), the system will automatically charge you on the 1st of the following month, which will result in two charges that month (July 1 and July 31, for example). If this is problematic for you, let us know and we can adjust the date to earlier in the month.

Please note our delinquency policy for installment payments. Should your credit card decline for your monthly payment, we will get in touch with you via email to alert you and ask you to update your credit card on file. We will notify you on a regular basis for 45 days and will continue to try to process your payment. After 45 days have elapsed with no payment update or successful processing, we reserve the right to cancel your membership and all attendant benefits. Therefore, if your card number should change at any point during your membership, we would greatly appreciate it if you would update it with us immediately. This will ensure that your pledge payments continue running smoothly. Please contact our business office at 503-281-1142 to provide the necessary information to update your record.

How do I cancel/freeze my membership?
Membership purchases at all levels are final and nonrefundable. Memberships cannot be temporarily or permanently frozen. If you would like to cancel your membership, thereby deactivating your membership and declining all future member communications and benefits, you may do so by emailing, but no refund will be issued. If you are paying by installment payments, your monthly charges will continue until full payment is rendered. If for any reason there is payment owed upon a previous membership that we have been unable to collect, a new membership will not be issued until the previous balance is paid in full.

How do I purchase a gift membership?
Hollywood Theatre memberships make a great gift! To purchase, visit our gift membership page. In the fields that follow, you can specify the gift recipient, provide a gift message, and indicate where you would like the membership materials mailed (whether to you the buyer or to the recipient). Please allow 7-10 days for delivery of membership materials.