Check out our beautiful new front doors!

New doors as seen from lobby

The Hollywood's new front doors have been installed, and they're beautiful!

As part of our ongoing restoration of this historic landmark, this summer we're renovating the Theatre's entryway.  In June, we replaced the old, 1960s-era, aluminum-frame doors with Oregon-crafted mahogany and glass doors modeled after the 1926 originals. These beautiful new doors offer ADA accessibility, energy efficiency, increased safety (no more slamming on poor unsuspecting moviegoers), and added historical character to the building.

Check out our photo album documenting the project on Facebook here, and stay tuned for further improvements to the entryway coming this summer!

Thanks to all of our members and donors who gave to our 2016 Restore the Doors campaign and to the following funders for helping make this project possible: