1984: The Year in Videos

ENTER THE VIDEO TIME MACHINE…and see the best music videos from 1984. When a generation turned on MTV and fell in love with a cross dressing new waver named Boy George, an eccentric siren named Cyndi Lauper, five fashionable Brits with super high production values, an androgynous soul singer who played guitar like Jimi Hendrix, a crucifix adorned Marilyn Monroe like crooner and down home working class all American rockers…

So let’s go back and spend a few hours in a simpler era that seemed so outrageous at the time.  The Music Video Jockeys responsible for the weekly Eye Candy VJ series playing all around town have wrung their hands and picked through their vast collection to bring you the very best music videos from 1984.  The undeniable hits, the underground gems which evolved into classics and even a few of the forgotten numbers which now make us chuckle.

This show will be organized into two segments…at 7 when people are being seated we’ll play a few of the more forgotten curios released during that time…at 7:30 we pull out the big guns.  Throughout the show will be ads, MTV spots and even a News clip or two from that very same year.  It literally will be like going back in time to 1984.


Thursday, September 11