1988 - The Year in Videos

Series: Re-Run Theater

Three decades have come and gone since Ronald Reagan's final year in office. The music industry was having unprecedented success as people rushed to replace their record collections with compact discs. 

Music videos were as big as ever on both cable (MTV, VH1) and network TV (Friday Night Videos, America’s Top Ten).  A famous dance choreographer put out a string of smash hits. An unassuming black folk singer captured everyone’s hearts with an album full of melancholy. An Irish rocker with a shaved head took on the establishment. The King of Pop continued to release unforgettable videos. We learned the Humpty Dance and the Buffalo Stance. Two ex-Runaways dominated the airways. A sprite-like singer from Iceland began her reign.

We’re squeezing all these artists and many more into two hours, complete with VJ appearances and movie trailers from this one unforgettable year!

Assistive Listening
Wheelchair accessible