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9 to 5

Series: Isn't She Great

The Hollywood Theatre’s Isn’t She Great series celebrates hysterically funny women and forty years of 9 TO 5! Hosted by comedian Elizabeth Teets and Queer Horror’s Anthony Hudson, this 40th anniversary screening opens with stand-up from Augusta Chapman.

The formative feminist comedy 9 TO 5 declares war on “sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigots” everywhere when three office-working women (Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, and Dolly Parton) become fed up with their chauvinist boss (Dabney Coleman) and take matters in their own hands by kidnapping him and transforming their workplace for the better. Near-accidental homicide, hilarity, and how-does-this-still-ring-so-true ensues, all set to Dolly Parton’s Academy Award-nominated title song.

Guest passes accepted.

Reserved seating available for our Visionary and Cinephile Society members. To learn more about membership levels, please click here.

Year 1980
Format Digital
Runtime 110min
Wheelchair accessible Yes
Assistive Listening Yes
Closed captioning No


Friday, February 28