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99 River Street

35mm print! Plays as part of the I Wake Up Dreaming series, hosted by noir expert Elliot Lavine.

99 RIVER STREET (1953) Washed-up prize fighter Ernie Driscoll, now an embittered cabbie, suddenly becomes the number one suspect in the murder of his faithless wife. With the law closing in, his chances of finding the real killer are growing slimmer by the hour! A struggling young actress becomes Driscoll's only ally in his frantic search for truth and redemption. A stone-cold and hard as a hammer film noir classic!

Starring John Payne, Evelyn Keyes, Brad Dexter, Peggie Castle, Frank Faylen, and Jay Adler. Knock-out cinematography from Frank (Franz) Planer and directed for maximum impact by Phil Karlson.

Guest passes accepted.

Year 1953
Runtime 86min
Format 35mm
Assistive Listening Available
Wheelchair accessible Yes


Monday, September 23