A Tribute to Andy Kaufman

Series: Mississippi Records Music & Film

It may seem odd for this to be a part of the Mississippi Records Music and Film Series, but believe it or not, Andy Kaufman was one of the seminal influences on Mississippi Records aesthetic. He was a truly great musician as well as a performance artist.  Andy classified himself as a "song and dance man" - and it was true.

Andy brought true art into the mainstream medium of television.  He made us question the nature of reality, truth and beauty.  He was a sage and a seer and this evenings program aims to re-contextualize Andy as the brilliant philosopher and musician he truly was.

The program will feature many surprises and revelations.  Amongst the happenings of the evening will be special guests, the absolute best of Andy's TV appearances and a showing of Andy's favorite cartoons.

For fans of chaos, beauty, spirituality, and art - A not to be missed one time event.

Andy Kaufman Poster


Friday, April 22