Airport Cinema Showcase 4

See the Oregon-made short films now playing in the Hollywood Theatre at PDX!

The Hollywood Theatre at PDX is a first-of-its-kind free microcinema located in Concourse C of the Portland International Airport. The 17-seat theater features short films by Oregon filmmakers—and it's only accessible to ticketed airline passengers.

For one night only, we're proud to present a chance to see these amazing Oregon-made shorts without passing through security! This special presentation of the hour-long shorts program will be followed by a Q&A with participating filmmakers.

The Summer 2018 program features an animated look at an armadillo's love life from local studio HouseSpecial, videos from local musicians Shelley Short and Sean Flinn & the Royal We, a spotlight on the Human Access Project’s mission to reclaim the Willamette River, an affectionate look at the enduringly popular Oregon Trail computer game, and more!

This screening is free for Hollywood Theatre members.

2018 Spring Airport Cinema Lineup

"Armor del Amor," Kirk Kelley/HouseSpecial
"Roost: The Crows of Downtown Portland," Irene Tejaratchi Hess
"Fossil Radio," Tommy Harrington/Sean Flinn & the Royal We
"In My Home," Cheryl Green
"Relive The Oregon Trail," Great Big Story
"River Gold," Brady Holden
"Warehouse Samba," Gabriel Shalom
"The Water's Fine," Willie Levenson
"Death," Shelley Short
"Rajneeshees in Oregon," John Rosman
"Oregon: Only Slightly Exaggerated," Travel Oregon
"The Famished Frog," Shelby Menzel
"Soar: Oregon V2," Ryan Ao

Assistive Listening
Wheelchair accessible


Monday, May 14