Alice in the Cities

Series: Mississippi Records Music & Film

Mississippi Records presents Wim Wenders' 1974 American epic from a very outsider perspective. A German man is on a road trip across America, trying to write about the country. The noise of America creates severe writer's block and he retreats back home with no words and just a pile of artful photographs as well as a 9-year old girl who he finds after she is abandoned by her mother. ALICE IN THE CITIES is a beautiful precursor to Wenders' beloved PARIS, TEXAS. It features beautiful cinematography and genteel characters. There are also great musical cameos by Chuck Berry (through footage shot by D.A. Pennebaker) and one of Mississippi Records favorite folk singers, Sybille Baier. It's a great and weirdly timely movie about America writ large. It's funny, profound, and tragic just like this here country we live in.

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