All Men Are Apes - Repressed Cinema

Repressed Cinema presents All Men Are Apes + surprises, all on 16mm film.

All Men Are Apes (1965) A young woman falls victim to the lure and lights of the big city in this post-beatnik, pre-hippie B&W exploitation film. Filmed in NYC in gritty bars, dancehalls and apartments. There are plenty of laughs and creative segments in this low budget, overlooked gem which also features the band “The Inkspots” doing some real cool jazz. And don’t miss the APE monster! Before the feature there will be short subject surprises from the vault, all on 16MM FILM!

Repressed Cinema is a monthly series at the Hollywood Theatre, showing vintage & contemporary films that are obscure, neglected and from the fringe. Guest curator Jamey Phillips brings us this oddball gem, along with other treasures from his collection!


Wednesday, May 21