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Series: Grindhouse Film Festival

The Grindhouse Film Festival presents a rare 35mm print of this killer creature classic! A tribute to the great Robert Forster (1941-2019).

Robert Forster stars as a cop who finds proof of a giant man-eating alligator living in the sewer beneath Chicago. Soon the massive beast smashes its way up into the city, and starts roaming the streets and swimming pools looking for food. The screenplay for this movie was written by John Sayles as a metaphor for the ills of society, and while that’s all well and good for some, we’re here for the non-stop excitement, the hard boiled acting, and the surprising amount of humans devoured by the giant angry alligator!

Reserved seating available for our Visionary and Cinephile Society members. Click here for more details about these membership levels.

Year 1980
Format 35mm
Runtime 94min
Wheelchair accessible Yes
Assistive Listening Available


Tuesday, November 26