American Promise

Directors in attendance!

A Fourth Act, PBS/POV and Future So Bright present a free special screening of American Promise , a documentary film about the black male achievement gap in America by filmmakers Michele Stephenson and Joe Brewster. The event presents an exciting twist: participants will be able to share in real time their feelings and perspective about the issues presented on screen, interacting with the documentary as they watch it. We will be using Harvis, a very intuitive mobile web app accessible from any smartphone, to capture and visualize the emotional responses of the viewers. The experience is designed to engage the audience in adding their voice without waiting for their turn at the microphone during the typical post-screening Q&A. Instead, at the end of the movie an experienced facilitator will moderate a dialogue informed by the stories and ideas harvested and visualized on screen by Harvis.

FUTURE SO BRIGHT explores how internet culture is helping to inform new models for the presentation of cinema, encouraging participatory experiences with the ultimate goal of expanding the traditional film-going ritual, and facilitating the emergence of a modern movie theater and cultural hub. Collaborators include or have included Design Week Portland, Floating World Comics, Gridlords, Harrell Fletcher, Holocene, Miranda July, MIT, OPB, Periscopic, PICA, PNCA, The Projects, The PSU Social Practice MFA Program, Second Story Interactive Studio, the University of Oregon’s Multimedia Journalism Masters Program, the Walker Art Center, and Yeti Publications, with projects ranging from the world’s largest internet cat film festival, to an interactive, multimedia town hall on gun control, to remixes and remakes of popular films and TV shows, to artist led talks into the heart of YouTube’s collective consciousness.



Thursday, April 17