Audio Sound Workshop: Demystifying Sound for Short Narratives & Docs

Your film is 50% sound. Quite simply, this workshop is designed to help you improve the sound you get on your films by breaking down audio pre-production, production & post-production processes, best practices & gear to their essential elements for the benefit of non-experts.

  • Get better production audio regardless of your gear options
  • Get better sound editing outcomes no matter the quality of audio you end up with

Areas that will be covered:

PRE-PRODUCTION: What does this film need audio-wise? What is my reality? What can I control?

PRODUCTION: Getting the Sound (hands-on / gear will be available)

Camera Audio / Knowing the frame / Mics/ Mixers, Recorders, Meters, DBs & Clipping / Monitoring / Syncing – “Roll Audio”/ Room Echo, Rumble, Wind, Dead Cats & High Pass Filters / Thinking about the background, ambient sounds & matching / Room Tone & Wild Sound / File Management & Sound Log

POST PRODUCTION: Basic Dialog Editing

Guide Track / Stacking / Checker-boarding / Heads & Tails / ADR & Foley / Stealing from other clips / Room Tone & Wild Sound / Getting Rid of Clicks & Pops / Smoothing & Sweetening

Feel free to bring any of your own your gear if you would like some help understanding it better.

**POWFest Festival Passes do NOT apply to workshop admission.  Please purchase this admission seperately.**



Sunday, March 10