American Hunter

Series: B-Movie Bingo

On Tuesday October 11th at 7:30pm, it’s B Movie Bingo : American Hunter . Cross out the bingo squares as the cinematic insanity unfolds onscreen. Hosted by Wolf Choir.

In American Hunter , Chris Mitchum stars as Jake Carver, an Interpol agent and martial arts expert.  While on a mission to recover microfilm that holds information that can destroy Wall Street, he meets an adversary’s secretary and falls in love with her.  She is subsequently kidnapped at least four times.  His nemesis, Adam (non-contact karate star Bill “Superfoot” Wallace), has a pet falcon and monkey and can often be seen in a sweat suit.  This movie is action-packed with plenty of car chases, kidnappings, denim, and Chris Mitchum on a motorcycle.  The most boring part is a ten minute helicopter chase that ends in total anti-climax.  Directed by Arizal.



Wednesday, March 2