B Movie Bingo: Bulletproof

Cross out the squares as the cinematic insanity unfolds on-screen!

Gary Busey stars as Frank "I’M YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE, BUTTHORN!" McBain, an ex-military virtuoso who has "retired" into police work. His main skill is getting shot and removing the bullets, keeping them in a jar in his bathroom. The rest of skills can be added up into one large, more complex, intangible web of skills, called a Hive Skill. This Hive Skill is his use of the word BUTTHORN as an insult, which happens at least three times in the film. Note: this is the only movie that has the word BUTTHORN in it. When Uncle Sam calls McBain back for one last mission, he teams up with his ex-girlfriend, Army officer Devon Shepard, to get the tank back from the evil tantrum-thrower Colonel Kartiff (Henry Silva!!) and …play saxophone on the beach! Because it’s true that while McBain may be bulletproof, he’s not love proof.



Wednesday, January 11