B Movie Bingo: CIA Codename Alexa

Tuesday, November 3 at 7:30pm  |  $8  |

Alexa, portrayed by Kathleen Kinmont (FINAL IMPACT, BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR), is the beautiful but deadly protege of Victor Maler (Alex Cord - THE BROTHERHOOD, STILETTO), leader of an international crime ring which threatens the security of the nation. C.I.A. agent Mark Graver, played by Lorenzo Lamas ("Falcon Crest", FINAL IMPACT, NIGHT WARRIORS), will stop at nothing to end the madman's reign of terror. Graver's plan: to capture and tame Alexa and then turn her against her boss! With the help of maverick cop Nick Murphy (O.J. Simpson - THE NAKED GUN, THE TOWERING INFERNO, KILLER FORCE), Graver and Alexa must face Maler and his army of elite assassins. In a climactic explosion of action and violence, only the strongest will survive. Directed by Joseph Merhi (LAST MAN STANDING, ZERO TOLERANCE).



Wednesday, November 4