B Movie Bingo: Deadly Target

Tuesday, December 2nd at 7:30pm  |  $8

In DEADLY TARGET (1994), Gary Daniels (DEADLY BET, TEKKEN) stars as Charlie Prince, a Hong Kong super-cop brought to Los Angeles to capture a Chinese drug lord named Chang (played with zest by Byron Mann). Sounds easy, right? Wrong! Not wanting to face justice in his home country, Chang escapes Prince's grasp, and Prince is thrown off the case.

This is where it gets silly. After being rendered unconscious, Prince is rescued by a beautiful Asian woman named Susan--the only female in the entire movie. He wakes up shirtless in her home as she bathes in the next room. With her help he gets back on the case and gets his man.

This film augments its plot with endless montages of mindless, generic shooting, car chases, and fight scenes. There's also a few golden moments of abrupt, bizarre violence--let's just say Charlie Prince knows how to make people eat shit. Directed by Charla Driver (in her only directing credit).


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