Magic Cop

Series: B-Movie Bingo

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MAGIC COP stars cult movie hero Lam Ching Ying as Uncle Feng, a unibrowed super-priest-cop who fights evil using his supernatural detective skills. Now, that should tell you all you need to know about the movie... but there’s more! Uncle Feng wields bizarre powers that are as wildly entertaining as they are completely confusing.

Local police are baffled by a woman who didn't die when they shot her. They call in Uncle Feng to investigate, having heard rumors of his supernatural detective techniques. He’s totally next-level, but is teamed up with a rookie because of a beef with the chief. It seems a mysterious witch is re-animating corpses and using them to smuggle drugs, and it’s up to Uncle Feng to discover her hideout and put an end to her desecration of all that is holy.

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Wei Tung
87 mins
Assistive Listening
Headphones available by request
Ching-Ying Lam, Kiu Wai Miu, Wilson Lam