B Movie Bingo presents Action USA

Cross out the squares as the insanity unfolds onscreen!

Action U.S.A. lives up to its title in more ways than one: it’s eighty-four minutes of non-stop action and stunts, all of which occur in the United States. This movie is the directorial debut of famed Hollywood stunt man John Stewart, who went on to direct Cartel and several episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers . It kind of feels like an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger –Stewart knows how deliver what audiences want. An excerpt of the original review that appeared in Variety read, “Chase involves topnotch stunts, with cars frequently flying through the air and luxury cars demolished.” Amen.

B-MOVIE BINGO is a game that is exactly like it sounds - OR MORE. It’s simple-we play bingo to the most awesome movie cliches ever committed to celluloid, like: “LONG BORING SCENE OR MALE PONY TALE”, “TEAMED UP WITH ROOKIE OR ANIMAL”, and “WHITE SUIT OR TROPICAL ENDING”. For maybe the first time in a theatre, see the relatives and employees of A-list actors you know and love like Sylvester Stallone, whose brother bears a remarkable resemblance to him. Compete for prizes! Yell at your fellow movie nerds over the elusive and mysterious “BLANK SQUARE”! Relax: it’s B-MOVIE BINGO.



Wednesday, March 5