B Movie Bingo presents ROBOCOP2

Cross out the squares as the insanity unfolds on screen!

Taking place shortly after the events of the original, RoboCop 2 opens with scenes of Detroit in chaos. OCP (the evil corporation that owns the police and made RoboCop) has eliminated the police force’s pensions, and the police have gone on strike. Crime is running rampant, and a potent, highly addictive new designer drug called “Nuke” has hit the streets. Before moving on to key plot points, it’s worth noting that “Nuke” is probably the most awesome fake movie drug name we’ve come across, except for “White Buffalo”, which was featured in an episode of “Walker, Texas Ranger” called “White Buffalo” (Season 9, Episode 3).

OCP has a plan: their aim is to bankrupt the city of Detroit and take it over, and rename it “Delta City”. That’s not a very cool-sounding name. The city’s inhabitants would be under their control, enslaved by Nuke and kept in check by a force of new RoboCops with the brains of psychopaths, who in turn are controlled by their intense lust for Nuke. Right.

Sounds like a feasible plan–if they can just get RoboCop out of the way! Peter Weller and Nancy Allen reprise their roles as cyborg cop and partner, and take on the mean streets in search of Cain, the drug lord peddling the Nuke to a hapless, poverty-riddled Detroit of the future. RoboCop eventually finds him making Nuke in his compound, and in one of the most harrowing robot vs. magnet fights ever captured on film, RoboCop is disassembled in a way that would make Number 5 weep… and then do Nuke with Stephanie.

After his debacle with Cain, RoboCop is rebuilt but deemed obsolete–relegated to public relations. He’s replaced by a massive new monstrosity called “RoboCop 2? that houses the brain of Cain, who by now has died in a car wreck. However, Robo-Cain is still is addicted to Nuke, and goes on an insane shooting spree trying to get his fix. So, RoboCop gives it to him. Directed by Irvin Kershner (The Empire Strikes Back, Seaquest DSV).



Wednesday, April 3