Samurai Cop

Series: B-Movie Bingo

SPECIAL B-MOVIE BINGO EVENT: We’ve got Matt Hannon, Samurai Cop himself, coming in person on September 9th! He’s going to introduce the movie, answer some audience questions, and maybe even be an honorary Guest Judge. In the words of Matt Hannon, “I will sit with you up front and I will place the lion head upon your piano.”

Our love affair with SAMURAI COP (1991) started in 2005 when we found what was an apparently unauthorized DVD version at Movie Madness. We’ve spent the better part of the last decade privately wondering to ourselves about the origins of this film, and the fate of its cast. Now we know too much, and in spite of this over-saturation of information, satisfaction has been achieved. For us, and now all, things have come full circle.

Now, on to the movie. It’s 1991, and the Japanese Katana Gang have a death grip on the city of Los Angeles. Who better to deal with the problem than Joe Marshall, the “Samurai Cop”? Hannon, who was once on Sylvester Stallone’s personal bodyguard detail, stars in the title role. This is a man that looks like a Dorito. For half the movie, he wears a woman’s wig with a baseball hat. And regarding his police work: let’s just say… he can “read eyes”. Robert Z’dar co-stars as the maniac samurai henchman Yamashita bent on taking out Marshall. His beard obscures his enormous jaw. Be ready for burning humans, severed limbs, gun and sword fights, and lots of long, awkward love scenes. Join Joe “The Samurai” Marshall and his sidekick Frank as they take on the minions of the crime underworld. Written and directed by Amir Shervan.



Wednesday, September 10