B Movie Bingo: Striker

Tuesday, February 2 at 7:30pm  |  $8  |

STRIKER (1988) starring Frank Zagarino, John Phillip Law and Melanie Rodgers.

STRIKER explodes out of today's headlines into a non-stop action spectacular of mercenary and covert activities in Nicaraguan politics.

John "Striker" Slade (Frank Zagarino) is sent on a deadly one-man mission to free a captured American journalist in Nicaragua. Facing imminent death from both Sandanista and Contra attacks, Striker prevails, only to discover that his "superiors" want the mission to fail... and for Striker to be killed.

In an incredible fury of anger, weapons, and sheer brute strength, Striker overcomes his attackers and destroys the enemy... including the corrupt businessmen who profit from the fighting.

STRIKER combines the action of RAMBO with the political intrigue of SALVADOR to bring you an unbeatable combination of suspense, action and thoughtful dialogue.

Directed by Italian action master Enzo G. Castellari (as "Stephen M. Andrews").



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