The Stabilizer

Series: B-Movie Bingo

On Monday August 8th at 7:30pm come to “B-Movie Bingo” at the Hollywood Theatre presented by Wolf Choir.  Everyone will receive a bingo card with squares that read things like “white suit or tropical ending,” “cigarette used as weapon or ignitor,” “long boring scene or male pony tail,” etc.  Cross out the squares as the cinematic insanity unfolds on screen. Winners take home awesome prizes!

The Stabilizer (1986) — In The Stabilizer, Peter Goldson is literally “The Stabilizer”, a tough American agent sent around the world to stabilize unstable situations. He is sent to Jakarta, where a famous scientist who developed a Narcotics Detector has been kidnapped. Up against him is a drug smuggling ring called The Golden Triangle run by his arch-enemy Greg Rainmaker, an evil drug lord who once killed Goldson’s fiancee with his spiked shoes. In a flashback the filmmakers tastefully show this, and while it’s happening you see a framed photo of Goldson on the wall, in a black net shirt posing with a gun. He looks like a cross between Sylvester Stallone and Brian May. Be on the lookout for actual consumption of live reptiles, and weird editing decisions during the climax of the film. Directed by Arizal.



Wednesday, July 6