Series: B-Movie Bingo

Our favorite street fighting sister is back! In UNDEFEATABLE, Cynthia Rothrock stars as Kristi Jones, a diner waitress who partakes in Mafia-run street fights to pay for her sister’s college education. That sounds like a plot we can relate to! Hunky cop Nick DiMarco (John Miller) catches on, and attempts to break up the illegal fights. Meanwhile, a psychotic underground fighter known only as “Stingray” (Don Niam) allows the brutality of his fights to cross over into his marriage. Distraught, his wife’s psychiatrist advises she leave him, which sends Stingray on a murderous rampage. He spray paints red stripes in his hair and goes after any woman who resembles his wife, Anna–which means no brunette in a floral print dress is safe!

When Stingray crosses Kristi Jones’ brunette-haired, floral print-wearing, college-attending sister, all bets are off, and it’s up to Jones and Officer DiMarco to put an end to Stingray’s… stinging. Directed by Godfrey Ho.


Thursday, November 6