Battlestar Galactica Double Feature!

Series: Re-Run Theater

Proof of vaccination or negative COVID test will be required to attend this screening. Learn more here. This film will be sold at 100% capacity. Masks are required while in all common areas, including in your seat when not actively eating or drinking.

Two episodes from the Ronald D. Moore re-imagined series, "33" and "Flesh & Bone"!

The incredibly advanced robotic race of Cylons have annihilated most of humanity and are pursuing the last survivors into uncharted space. Every thirty-three minutes, they attack with full force and the fleet must make a hyperspace jump to a new hiding place and then reset the clock.  Everyone makes repairs and preparations as fast as they can, desperate and utterly sleep deprived. To make matters worse, the Cylons have perfected human-like infiltrators who are hiding among the crew, some of them not even aware of what they are.

This series received critical acclaim for its unmistakable parallels with the post 9/11 world, making it far grittier and intense than the original 70s show which inspired it.

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Wednesday, January 26