Battlestar Galactica Holiday Special

Re-Run Theater presents what is easily the strangest episode of the original BATTLESTAR GALACTICA television series.

In 1978, TV Executives caught wind of a rival network airing a so called “Star Wars Holiday Special” around the beginning of the Christmas Season. Because they had a similar, very popular Space Epic franchise, they decided that there should be a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA “Holiday Special” in the form of an episode that would seem appropriate.

In response to their request, Series Creator Glen A. Larson gave them “War of the Gods”, a two part episode about Ships of Light, that may have malevolent purposes, menacing the Galactica and its ragtag fugitive fleet.  From a seemingly barren planet, a super being emerges, claiming that he will feed them, lead them to Earth and defeat both the Cylons and the Evil Ships of Light, if they decide to follow him.

Featuring space basketball, angelic aliens, disco cylons and a suave Satan along with vintage TV commercials from the 1970s!



Thursday, April 23