Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding

Series: Hecklevision

This month's guest hecklers:

  • Jen Tam
  • David Mascorro
  • Christian Ricketts
  • JoAnn Schinderle
  • Rebecca Waits
  • Patrick Quinn

The cast of the syndicated hit series about slow-motion running on beaches (and saving lives or something) returns for a reunion movie in Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding !

Hero lifeguard Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff) was lost in a boat explosion in Hawai'i, and is found in a L.A. hospital with amnesia. Risking yet another encounter with an exploding boat, Mitch returns to Hawai'i for - you guessed it - a Hawaiian wedding!

Much of the Baywatch cast returns, with CJ (Pamela Anderson) opening a bar and grill and Caroline (Yasmine Bleeth) conveniently filming a soap opera on Oahu. It wouldn’t be a made-for-TV Baywatch movie without some melodrama, so you’ve also got Mitch’s ex-wife Neely (Geena Lee Nolin) attempting to win him back while old enemy Mason Sato (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) hatches a plot to kidnap the wedding guests.

It’ll take all of the body oil, impromptu beach workouts and stilted acting this crew has to save Mitch’s wedding! Ease the pain of 100 consecutive minutes of Baywatch with a few beers and a few hundred friends, for this will truly be a heckle-worthy movie.

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Sunday, June 1