BCCTV on the Big Screen

Please join us for BCCTV on the Big Screen , an anthology of short works created at the Bud Clark Commons homeless service center. Over the last twelve months, in a series of workshops and weekly meetings, a community of video makers was formed at the Commons. This screening is a culmination of the diverse works produced throughout the year, ranging from personal documentary to live action horror, from comedic sketches to fictional dramas and a variety of animated shorts.

Videos will be screened that were conceived and produced by David Boston, Sumaiyya Evans, Eugene Olson, John Pinney, Russell Waggener, and by the BCCTV group.

BCCTV offered classes on how to make, edit and share videos that were free and open to anyone who has experienced homelessness. Based in the Bud Clark Commons, BCCTV worked with individuals in creating videos that express their vision, be that in fictional works, animation, or documentary. BCCTV was organized by Carl Diehl, Ariana Jacob, Joan Lundell, Mack McFarland and Jeffrey Richardson, as a part of the intersections: public art residencies, a City of Portland Percent for Art program administered by Regional Arts & Culture Council.

Film makers will be in attendance.



Tuesday, June 11