BearCity 1 & 2 Double Feature

Series: Queer Commons Film Festival

A warm up to our Portland premiere of BEARCITY 3 on April 12th, this is your chance to meet or fall in love all over again with the men of BEARCITY! This is a one night only double feature of BEARCITY and BEARCITY 2 - THE PROPOSAL!

In case you've forgotten:

BEARCITY is Queer As Folk meets Sex in the City - only with more hair, girth and tons of hot bear-on-bear action! Closet cub Tyler fantasizes about stuffing Santa's stocking and finding a Daddy bear to do more than cuddle. But as he dives into the bear community, he finds that it can be hard for a hairless guy to get some fuzzy loving.

BEARCITY 2 - THE PROPOSAL, the second film in the BearCity Trilogy, takes us to a Bear Week bachelor party in Provincetown where Kathy Najimy plays den mother to the returning cast of bears, boys and cubs as they realize that marriage is much more than just the freedom to say "I do." 

Doug Langway