Bike Love 2017

This is part of Filmed By Bike 2017

This lighthearted mix of films celebrates a passionate love of bikes. Journey around the globe for glimpses at worldwide bike culture and meet some of the most intriguing people behind it.

The Last Ride | 5:40

Ryan Van Duzer – Boulder, Colorado

Ryan Van Duzer returns to Filmed by Bike describing what he learned about life, freedom, and the heart and soul he breathed into his beloved bike of thirteen years.

Pedal It Forward | 10:05

Catjia Rehkamp – Winter Park, Florida

In Bolivia, 64% of the population live below the poverty line. Pedal it Forward spotlights communitarian Freddy Candia, a man passionately determined to break down the cycle of poverty, pollution and inequalities through repurposed, pedal powered bicimaquinas.

Mr Right Bike | 4:36

Elaine Wong – Los Angeles, California

An allegory of finding Mr. Right.

The Gaman Spirit: Why Cycling Works in Tokyo | 8:58

Joe Baur, Streetfilms and Clarence Eckerson Jr. – New York New York

A glimpse at Tokyo where 14 percent of all trips are done by bike, every single day even though the bustling city does not have the robust cycling infrastructure of cities like Amsterdam or Portland.

Tune Up: Mello Velo Bicycle Shop and Cafe | 3:28

Benjamin Wilson- Newport News, Virginia

Syracuse bike shop owners Steve and Sara Morris have created place where every rider feels welcome – from the road racer to commuter, mountain biker to fixie kid, whether eight or eighty. #BuyWhereYouRide

Joy | 1:41

Rodney Fuentes – Ontario, Canada

A short film featuring the joy of cycling in Ontario.

To Know How Much Love | 4:45

Gabriel James / Ghost Village Films – Bend, Oregon

A poem of sight and sound, salad and summer.

Kraynick’s Bike Shop | 7:14

Bryan Heller – Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

Kraynick’s bike shop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been operating for over 60 years as a full service bike shop, offering a hands on approach for with all their costumers. The time has come for the shop’s owner, Jerry Kraynick, to give his family’s shop over to the next generation. To do this, he and his volunteers have turned to the community for help.

Bicycle Seismographs | 1:16

Niklas Roy, Kati Hyyppä – Berlin, Germany

A micro-documentary of a bicycle seismograph workshop in Germany.

Portrait Of My Grandfather: 80 and Still Cycling | 6:34

Florent Piovesan – New South Wales, Australia

As a gift for his 80th birthday, Florent Piovesan made this profile of her grandfather’s love of cycling.

Eat Some Food, Ride Your Bike | 3:10

Giles Perkins – Hebden Bridge, England

Endurance bike rider Greg May explains why riding long distances, off-road, is so uniquely special. Shortly after filming Greg went on to complete the 2016 Tour Divide, a 2,712 mile race. This piece was shot entirely on location in West Yorkshire, England on a single cartridge of Super 8 film, without the use of motorized vehicles.

National High Five Day | 1:28

Kevin Neidorf – Portland, Oregon

Pedal PT’s office is on a popular bike corridor in Portland, so on National High Five Day, the team comes out to celebrate.

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Saturday, May 6