Bird on a Wire

Series: Mississippi Records Music & Film

This event is sold out, but please join us December 16 for a benefit screening of LEONARD COHEN: LIVE AT THE AISLE OF WIGHT 1970.

Given the current political climate and the recent passing of the great Leonard Cohen, Mississippi Records and the Hollywood Theatre are teaming up to present an emergency showing of the beautiful and seldom-seen documentary BIRD ON A WIRE. The film follows Leonard on his 1972 tour. He is met with crowds who treat him like a messiah come to heal them, and he does his best. Live concert footage is combined with a very intimate look at Leonard's inner life, doubts, depressions, and triumphs.

The film will be followed by a brief presentation from Eric Isaacson of Mississippi Records about the effectiveness of the arts in fighting Fascism, featuring inspiring vignettes about times when art was a meaningful and effective tool for social change.

All ticket proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

Tony Palmer
95 min
leonard cohen