Birds Orphans & Fools

Monday, July 13 at 9:30pm  |  $5  |

"Only a fool can be a free man!" Juraj Jakubisko, often called the Slovakian Fellini, made this colorful madcap classic as Soviet tanks were rolling into Prague. Three youths, orphaned by political violence, take refuge in a bombed out church and vow to live a life of heedless, unrestrained joy. But amidst the drunken revelry and surreal antics, an undercurrent of violence emerges, until reality at last rears its head and the spell is broken. All good things must come to an end! Banned without condition by Soviet authorities immediately upon release, BIRDS ORPHANS & FOOLS was finally released in 1989 after the Velvet Revolution, and hailed as a masterpiece of the Czechoslovakian New Wave.



Tuesday, July 14