Black Adder Marathon

What better way to learn about British History than through the eyes of the hilarious Rowan Atkinson as he jumps from the end of the Dark Ages to the midst of World War I in just two fast paced hours!

If one looked up dastardly, conniving scoundrel in a book, they would likely see a picture of The Black Adder.  Whether he’s accidentally decapitating Richard III or hastily ordering a beheading for Queen Elizabeth so he can take the rest of the week off as Head Executioner, every generation of Edmund Blackadder always had some cunning plan or another that often backfired with gut splitting results.  Accompanied by an entourage of nitwits like his trusty idiot sidekick Baldrick, who would help foil his convoluted schemes, all four seasons of this classic BBC series features constant roller coaster rides of brilliant plotting, elaborate word play and over the top performances.

We have hand picked one favorite episode from each of the four seasons or generations in the Black Adder’s Dynasty.  The first season is set during the time of Richard III, the second during Queen Elizabeth’s reign, the third in the late eighteenth century and the fourth is on the Western Front during World War I. Also starring Tony Robinson, Miranda Richardson, Stephen Fry and a long before “HOUSE MD” Hugh Laurie.  This is British comedy at its absolute, hyper intelligent best!

Between each segment we will also feature rare, banned international ads.



Tuesday, November 18