Boob Tube Shrapnel

Repressed Cinema presents Boob Tube Shrapnel.

From the vaults of Repressed Cinema curator Ian Sundahl comes an insane mash-up of vintage bizzare 16mm television. A local Portland morning show kinescope with a guest showing the latest in make up fashions, “Teenage Party” 60's danceshow from the midwest, how to excercise with Debbie Drake, Minnesota Fats playing billiards with the stars, sitcom outtakes, tv spots for strange movies, odd comercials and, for the grand finally, an afterschool special with Dana Plato warning you of the dangers of drinking! Sundahl has been collecting 16mm films for over 20 years, come sit in on a variety of the best oddball TV from his collection in a celebration of the old boob-tube. Presented on glorious 16mm, with underground comix


Wednesday, November 19