Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo

Series: Hecklevision

Believe in the beat: This month, Hecklevision features BREAKIN’ 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO!

This month’s guest hecklers:
Tim Ledwith
Eric Cash
Seth Milstein
Alex Rios
Laci Daze

Rushed to theatres after the success of BREAKIN’ (the very same year), the sequel brings back the original cast (including an appearance from Ice-T as “Rap Talker”), who are now running a breakdancing studio/community center for troubled teens. Of course, it’s also a prime location for a new shopping center, so there’s only one solution: Throw a huge show and raise the money to save the space!

Will they do it? Of course, but you’re not watching BREAKIN’ 2 for the dramatic tension or a twist ending. It’s a terrible movie by filmmaking standards, but you don’t have to suffer through much acting to get to the next insane dance scene. In this world, breakdancing is a compulsion that basically everyone but greedy white men is prone to, and even the cable guy or a parking cop will drop everything to backflip, pop and lock. It’s a musical where none of the actors sing, and none of the dancers can act!

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Sunday, August 17